Special Services

What Special Services Narve&mind Provides?

RTMS( Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) :

A team of experts in the procedure are there to provide this therapy to the patients in the most comfortable and advanced settings of East India. Complicated symptoms refractory disorders can be treated by Rtms. Following conditions respond well to rtms treatment:
• Depression
• Anxieties
• Treatment resistant auditory hallucinations in psychotic illnesses.
• Obsessions.
• Parkinson’s disease
• Persistent delusions.

Neurobiofeefback :

One of east India’s most advanced computerized neuro biofeedback. The patient can be treated in a relaxed environment with all vitals being watched upon. This helps us treat common psychological illness like anxieties and depression to Great extent when combined with pharmacological approaches.

Multibehavioral therapy unit:

Treatment of some other illnesses like, migraine, concentration issues, increased aggression znd irritability along with over emotionality can be approached with MBT available at our centre.


Electroconvulsive therapy. One of the oldest, still worth mentioning , ect remains a goldstandard for treatment of various complicated mental illness.

Admission facilities:

In collaboration with Ranchi trust hospital, we have admission facilities available & we are licenced to admit patients for short and long term treatment.
• Drug deaddiction
• Suicide prevention
• Major depression
• Psychosis
• Schizophrenia
The above are few of the common conditions when oatient may need treatment after admissions for self and families well being. We are have a variety of rooms and services to choose from while your patient is admitted for treatment.